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What is your assessment of emerging markets opportunities? Is your first concern the risk that your investments there are likely to entail? If yes, only few investors would respond differently, as our new global study reveals.

Find out which strategies are key for those who anticipate the potential – and who are bold enough to move when others hesitate.

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Having the right risk tools at hand may help you succeed in emerging markets.

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Our experts help you to understand the latest EM trends from ESG to active management.

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Infographic “From risk to return?”. Our quantitative study shows: The Covid-19 situation seems to have created more opportunities for emerging markets investors.

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Emerging Markets Investing

This global study, surveying 300 professional investors worldwide, investigates the complexity that comes with growing emerging markets allocations. Learn which strategies from ESG to active management might help you move when others hesitate.


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Emerging Markets

ESG in emerging markets has room to mature

As sustainability-minded equity investors are looking beyond their home turf, the global importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards is rising. But while their significance is relatively high in the “west”, emerging-markets companies have some catching up to, according to Lara Kesterton, Vontobel’s Head of mtx ESG Research.

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Market Update
Emerging Markets

Time’s up for US-listed Chinese companies

The ongoing trade war and eroding U.S.-China relationship have been a catalyst for making it less attractive for Chinese companies to seek a public listing in the United States. The Chinese government is finally making good on promises to open up domestic markets to foreign investors. Additionally, Hong Kong and China are taking steps to make local listings more attractive, especially to high-tech start-ups.

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